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Recent Legislation

83 LCB 03 Food Services MOU

This bill provided Legislative Council's backing for an initiative to begin a student-driven Memorandum of Understanding formation process for the food services merger between Housing & Dining and the UMC. Read the bill here.

Unite The Buffs

Unite the Buffs is an online petitioning system aimed to connect students with their governing student body.

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Get Involved

CUSG is here to represent the students. Let your voice be heard by writing legislation with the help of our bill and resolution templateswork for us, or just keep up to date on what is going on with your student government!

Who We Are

CUSG (CU Student Government) is the student governing organization here at the University of Colorado. It is made up of three branches of both elected and organized students who work to represent the school and the thousands of students within the school. CUSG is one of the most powerful student governments in the nation so we can really get things done. .We fund cost centers, pass bills to make the school a better and more sustainable and inclusive place, and make sure CU is a safe, healthy, and strong community!