Applications for Freshman Council are now available here!

Download the Application for Freshmen Council 2015 and email to Please name your file with your name followed by “application” and “resume”, respectively.

About Freshman Council

During the 2000-2001 academic year, the CUSG Tri-Executives established a council that would serve freshman students at CU-Boulder, and in essence be the freshman voice within CUSG. The council was founded in order to increase freshmen involvement within the CU community and more actively involve the freshmen class in CUSG. Through this council of strong leaders, CUSG is able to more effectively communicate and engage the students of the university. The council was named “CUSG Freshman Council” and continues to be composed of numerous freshman students at CU-Boulder. Recruitment is held in the fall of each year.

If you are interested in applying for the CUSG Freshman Council or want further information, please contact our Chief of Staff, Shannon Lacy

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Your student government: Welcome to Boulder!

You are about to embark on a life changing adventure along with astronauts, actors, politicians, writers, engineers, people who are going to change the future; and you will be immersed in resources, opportunities, and brain trusts strong enough to facilitate your mark on this world.

As new Buffs, you will have the opportunity to grow and explore through a vast and dynamic myriad of organizations, clubs, and programs across CU.

Your RAs, professors and advisors will relentlessly tell you time and time again that students who get involved in the CU community beyond the classroom have overall higher GPAs (as well as far more interesting Instagrams), and CUSG should definitely be at the top of your list of organizations.

The CU Student Government (CUSG) is one of the largest and most autonomous student governments in the country. We allocate and implement over $32 million in student fees across cost centers, programs and student groups every year. CUSG is run for the students, by the students, and impacts every single Buff throughout their time in Boulder. The student resources, or “cost centers”, under CUSG’s direct purview include the massive Recreation Center, the Environmental Center, the Volunteer Resource Center, the UMC, the Cultural Events Board , and KVCU (Radio 1190) among many others. CUSG also serves as a fierce advocate for Buffs, student voice to the CU administration, and leads lobbying efforts at the state capitol with legislation directly affecting university students.

The resource centers CUSG fund and oversee create programs and communities that are responsible for shaping four years of Boulder not just into an education, but an experience. Each cost center is run by a board comprised of students from a wide range of majors, and freshman are highly encouraged to apply for board members seats.

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